Chorister Scholarships (for entry between 8-11+)


The Cathedral Chapter awards non-means-tested scholarships to all boy choristers, during their time in the choir, worth 25% of boarding or day (tuition) fees. If the boy chorister has been a member of the choir until his voice changes, or until he moves up from year 9 at the school, then so long as he remains a pupil at the school he will be entitled to an award of 2% for each year’s service up to a maximum of 8% of the gross boarding or day fees.


We award non-means-tested choral scholarships to all girl choristers, during their time in the choir, worth 10% of day (tuition) fees. If the girl chorister has been a member of the choir, when she moves up from year 9, then for as long as she is a pupil here she will be entitled to a scholarship of 2% for each year’s service up to a maximum of 8% of the gross boarding or day fees.

Boys and Girls

Further support
For parents who require further financial support there are a number of national grant-giving bodies, which support cathedral choristers. Some of our choristers in the past have had assistance from The Ouseley Trust. The head of the junior school can give advice. For parents who have financial challenges beyond that, the Cathedral Chapter has a bursary support fund which can be applied to for additional means-tested support. Both the school and the cathedral, and its fund-raising Chorister Trust, continue to do all they can to ensure that Wells Cathedral Choir is as inclusive as possible to children who show the necessary potential, irrespective of their gender or the financial circumstances of their families.

How to apply
To apply, please book an informal pre-audition by contacting our admissions team on 01749 834441 or [email protected]. Please note that your pre-audition with the cathedral organist and master of the choristers needs to take place before our main choral voice trials, which are held in January of each year, and we recommend that you book as early in the academic year as possible to avoid disappointment as slots tend to fill up as we near the voice trials date.

We then invite successful pre-audition candidates to attend our choral voice trials and sit our academic entrance assessments. All successful candidates are automatically considered for a choral scholarship.

Specialist Music

Specialists receive a first-class, pre-professional training from teachers who are world-class musicians themselves.
We are the UK’s only specialist music school that is set within a community that is also made up of non-specialist musicians, helping musicians to maintain a balanced perspective.

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