Welcome to our May Open Day

Please note that our Open Day was on 9th May so our live content is no longer available. However, our other content will still help you to find out more about our lovely school!

Usually, on days like this we would be welcoming you in person, and serving you refreshments from our award-winning catering team. Instead, we hope that you and your family are able to settle at home with a cup of tea, and enjoy everything that we have put together for you.

To find out how best to enjoy this day, please take a look at our Programme. First, please watch our Head Master’s Introduction to the Day:

Below, you can find below links to our live “drop-in” events, as well as a number of pre-recorded videos and image galleries for you to enjoy at your own pace. This web page will stay live after the day is over, so you can come back and visit us whenever you want to.

If you have any problems or questions at any time, please email us at [email protected]

And if you miss out on anything at all this morning, please don’t worry! We will be very pleased indeed to answer any questions, and to arrange future online meetings.

We do hope that you enjoy our very first Virtual Open Day, and that you will be inspired to join us in person at some point in the future.

Live Events

These events give you the chance to meet pupils and teachers – broadcast live from their own homes!

IMPORTANT: You will need a specific login to access these events; please click here for our How to Join document for detailed information.

Junior School

11.00 – 12.00: All about the Junior School

Senior School

10.30 – 10.45: Our Curriculum
10.45 – 11.00: Sport at Wells
11.00 – 11.15: The Creative Arts
11.15 – 11.30: Outdoor Learning
11.30 – 11.45: Boarding at Wells
11.45 – 12.00: Sixth Form or GCSE years or Years 7 to 9

Music Specialists

10.45 – 11.45: Meet our Musicians

Videos and Photos

We're delighted to share with you these films and galleries, which offer a flavour of life here in Wells. This content will remain on this page even when the Open Day is over, so please come back whenever you like in the coming weeks and months. You can also visit our Music and Sport YouTube channels."


Please click the buttons in the lower right-hand part of the video to see it in fullscreen.
Introduction to Wells by our Head Master

Introduction to the Junior School

Introduction to Pre-Prep

Virtual Tour of Our Senior School

Virtual Tour of Our Junior School

Virtual Tour of Pre-Prep

A Typical Wellensian?

A Day in the Senior School

A Day in the Junior School

Montage of Music Performances

Sports Day (produced by our current pupil, Nicholas Richards)

Hockey Highlights 2019

Our Symphony Orchestra

Jazz Collaboration with Julian Argüelles

Bridget Yee, BBC Young Musician Keyboard Finalist 2020

Introduction to Boarding

A Week in the Life of a Boarder

Junior School Boarding

Photo galleries

Please click the links below the galleries to see the photos in a larger size.
Junior School
Senior Sport
Music and Chorister Life
Senior Academic
Senior Creative Arts
Senior Outdoor Learning
Senior Trips and Events
Boarding Life

Frequently Asked Questions

Our admissions team have prepared this FAQ sheet to cover many of the questions that they are asked on a typical Open Day.

You may have detailed questions about our fees, and about the many scholarships and bursaries that are available. If so, you may also want to visit the Fees and Funding section of our website.

And you can of course email [email protected] at any time, and we will be delighted to help.

About Our Admissions Team

Next Steps

We know that times are tough for many families at the moment. We are therefore very pleased to announce that for all attendees of our Virtual Open Day who complete a registration form by 31 May, we can offer a 50% discount on our initial deposit, and zero registration fee. We want to help as much as we can.

To continue the application process, please complete our registration form and contact us to arrange an online interview with our Head Master and other members of the team. We would love to talk to you!

If you aren’t yet sure if you would like to apply, and would like any more information, please don’t hesitate to contact [email protected]. We would be very pleased indeed to arrange online meetings with any of our staff.

Thank you for joining us today, please stay safe, and we very much hope that one day, we can welcome you to Wells in person!