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For Years 4-8

Home from Home

Claver Morris House, our Prep Boarding House, is a home away from home for our Prep School boarders (Years 4 to 6) and Senior School boarders in Years 7 and 8. Our dedicated house staff, led by house parent Mrs Rowntree, ensure that Claver offers a warm, caring and nurturing environment for all our boarders in the beautiful Claver Morris house. The Claver ‘family’ enjoy mealtimes together and there is a wide variety of activities on offer to the children in the evenings and at weekends.

The House is spacious but homely, with areas for games, music and relaxation. It is small enough to ensure a warm family feel, yet large enough for the children to form strong friendships with fellow boarders across the year groups.

We share the School’s values and tailor our approach for each child; we celebrate our boarders’ successes and ensure that they are given the care and opportunities needed to become the best they can be. Find out more about Pastoral Care at Wells.

Prep School Boarding

Wells Boarding Life

The Claver Morris Family

Clare Rowntree and family


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Prep Boarders

Claver is a co-educational house for boarders in Years 4 – 8. This enables siblings to continue living together whilst fostering friendships across the year groups. The children’s interests, whether sport, music, the creative arts or languages, are incredibly wide-ranging and the Claver ‘family’ is incredibly diverse, with military boarders, choristers, international and local boarders.

Fun at Claver

There is always plenty to do in Claver with a wide variety of activities on offer and lots of time to play. Whether it is exploring the great outdoors with a walk on the Mendips, crafting, cooking, Claver’s Got Talent, shopping trips, playing sports or enjoying a movie night, there is something for everyone and a great opportunity to spend time with friends. With Plumptre netball and tennis courts and the swimming pool next door, the children enjoy making the most of the facilities here on site. This even includes the option of an early morning swim before school each week. Sunday mornings provide a welcome opportunity to relax with breakfast in-house and a more leisurely start to the day before activities begin.

What Our Boarders Say

The Claver Community

Staff from both our Prep School and Senior School work in Claver so the boarders have friendly, familiar faces around the School, which particularly helps younger boarders as they make the transition from the Prep School to Senior School in Year 7. By keeping our boarders in Claver Morris for their first two years of Senior School, this transition is a more gradual change. We find the continuity of house helps them to adjust to the greater demands of the Senior School as they have familiar staff as well as their older Claver ‘siblings’ on hand to offer support and advice.

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What Our Parents Say

Wells Cathedral School is a member of the Boarding Schools Association and a subscriber to their Care Charter.