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We aim to provide all children with a family environment within a kind and caring community where they can be happy, healthy and, most importantly, who they are. We ensure that they have a sense of belonging and are contented, balanced and confident individuals who have the necessary tools to live safe, joyful and fulfilling lives.

Education at its best is a deep act of care. If we care, then we will notice. If we notice, then we will act on a child’s behalf. If we act for each child, then they will grow best, will achieve best and will become their best selves. To be known, to be noticed, to be valued and to be cared for are the essentials of a good childhood, and they are at the heart of everything we do.

In their learning and in their life at school, our dedicated team of staff devote themselves to knowing each child’s strengths and needs and responding appropriately. We have rigorous frameworks for knowing, communicating about and acting for each child and meet on a daily basis to talk about our children. The security they have in their relationships with teachers who truly know them and care about them is the springboard for their learning and the guarantee of their well-being.

We understand growing up is a learning process, which can present our children with challenges, and it is not always easy. Children will make mistakes and need to be allowed to learn from them in a safe, supportive environment. Through our dedicated team of staff, which includes form tutors, professional counsellors, qualified nurses and doctors, a head of pastoral care and a Life Skills programme, every child has a ‘safety network’ they can trust if they need to share any worries.

We always take time with each child so we can listen to their joys and concerns. No life or community is without difficulty, and occasionally unkindness will arise. When it does, our children trust us to care, to understand, to listen and to help them resolve things. We work closely with parents and families to resolve any issues, using open and honest communication.

When they leave our Prep School, our goal is to ensure that each of our children has a high level of spiritual awareness, emotional intelligence and self control and are also active and responsible citizens who make a positive contribution to the school and the wider world.

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Details for Boarders

We didn’t choose Wells specifically for its musical reputation but simply for the way the school made us feel from day one – it just felt right. We couldn’t be happier however to see how the academic curriculum is superbly enriched by the focus on performance the Wells environment offers our children. Continued opportunities to act, recite, perform or play an instrument to an audience of adults and peers has harnessed a confidence in our children I know will serve them well in adult life allowing them to be not just who they are but also who they could be!

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Prep School Curriculum
Prep School Curriculum
Curriculum at our Independent Prep School in Wells, Somerset
tennis coach advising pupils at our Prep School in Wells Somerset
Girl on the monkey bars at the Prep School in Wells, Somerset
girl in the dining hall at our Prep School in Wells, Somerset

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