Mark Coote, CEO of Wells Foundation & Director of External Relations

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Mark Coote, CEO of Wells Foundation and Director of External Relations

I knew about Wells’ reputation having been a classroom teacher in previous schools. As someone who is a keen amateur musician and who has trained choirs, the musical reputation was a huge draw for me to work here. Coming for interview clinched it; the people, the atmosphere, the strong sense of community.

Before coming to Wells, I was a Fundraising Director for Cancer Research UK, Britain’s largest charity, looking after Community Fundraising, for five years. I took time out to fight the General Election in 2010 as Parliamentary Candidate for Cheltenham – and when Cheltenham fought back, I found the role at Wells Cathedral School.

The variety of my work at Wells is hugely stimulating as is working with people from all walks of life. I enjoy the ambassadorial role associated with the school. People I meet away from Wells – especially those I meet overseas – are always fascinated about the school, the Cathedral and the City. It’s a very special, unique place.

As Director of External Relations, I cover all the outward facing activity; marketing, publicity and PR, recruitment and admissions, community outreach and public concerts. As CEO for the Foundation, I oversee all our fundraising and development work. It’s a broad remit but gathers together everything concerned with ‘reputation’.