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Rebecca Perdrix, Head of Pre-Prep

Rebecca Perdrix, Head of Pre-Prep

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Rebecca Perdrix, Head of Pre-Prep

I remember so clearly the day that I drove past the walls of this beautiful school whilst looking for a teaching job early in my career and said, “It would be my absolute dream to work there”. I now feel so incredibly grateful to play such a significant role in the care and education of our Pre-Prep children and their families in this unique and special school. The strong sense of community here at Wells ensured that I felt at home from the beginning, and it is this sense of belonging that allows our children to truly embrace their uniqueness and to explore and discover what really makes them what they are.

For me, education is about nurturing and creating individuals. Individuals who can take on the challenges of the changing world with resilience. In order to do this, we need to know our children and to motivate them through kindling their unique strengths. Children learn more in the first few years of their life than at any other time, which is why it is crucial that we provide a brilliant foundation for life, from the very beginning.

Having studied Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience at the University of Nottingham, I am passionate about ensuring that each child gets the best from an enriching, varied and multi-sensory curriculum and community that not only inspires and motivates but stimulates excellent neural development and builds on the individual developmental stepping stones of each child. As Head of Early Years Foundation Stage and Key Stage One Development and Strategy, I work closely with our wonderful Pre-Prep team to ensure that we provide a nurturing, but exciting, introduction to school life and ignite a lifetime love of learning. Learning is a journey that continues throughout our whole lives, taking different paths depending on our interests and what drives our passion.

I have thoroughly enjoyed pursuing my own education alongside my career, completing a Masters in Education, and have enjoyed studying how theory and practice sit hand in hand and carrying out action research projects focused on constantly improving practice as times change. I adore the creative ethos of this school which is reflected too in my personal interests. I love to sing, to play the ukulele and to write music with my partner. I am in a band and love to perform, having also taken part in many musicals in the past.

Having taught Reception Class for years, I am also no stranger to art, craft and anything messy and I relish any opportunity to get creative! In my spare time, I also love to read, cook, bake, listen to vinyl and walk my miniature dachshund in the beautiful Somerset countryside.