We recommend that you have the following information available before completing our medical form below:

  • Details about any medical insurance cover, if applicable
  • Details about your child’s medical history, including dates of any major illnesses
Medical History

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Please give details if your child has any allergies to food, medication or stings.

Please give details if your child is on any medication.

Please give details if your child has a special diet.

Please give details if your child has travelled abroad recently (other than the UK).

If your child wears glasses/contact lenses, please state when he/she was last tested.

Please give details if your child has ever been treated in hospital.

Please give details if your child has had any operations or severe illnesses not mentioned above.

Please provide details of any special needs or disabilities your child may have.

Childhood Diseases

Please give the date when your child has had these illnesses (if applicable):

Chicken pox
Scarlet Fever
Whooping Cough


If your son/daughter carries an epi-pen, please provide him/her with two spare epi-pens in addition to the one your child carries. An epi-pen will be given to the member of staff supervising your child to be used in case of emergency.

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Complete the Booking Process

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