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  • Details about your child’s musical history, including feedback from your child’s music teacher if applicable
  • Details about your child’s medical history, including dates of major illnesses
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Wind, Brass and Percussion - BoardingWind, Brass and Percussion - DayPiano - BoardingPiano - DayString (Chamber Music) - BoardingString (Chamber Music) - DayString (Solo) - BoardingString (Solo) - DayJazz - BoardingJazz - Day

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Musical History

Please provide as many relevant details about your level of experience as possible, using the list below as a guide to the type of information you may wish to consider providing. We understand that not all courses require a high level of experience so do not worry if not everything is relevant to you.

Please note that giving a detailed history will help us to better plan your week, enabling you to get the best out of the course.

  • How long you have been playing
  • Your knowledge of major and minor scales and ability to read music
  • The frequency and duration of your lessons
  • Orchestras/band/groups you play with
  • Concerts have you recently attended
  • Solo music you have played
  • Repertoire you recently studied
  • Last grade taken if applicable (and approximate standard if different)
  • Your jazz and improvising experience (jazz course only)
  • Your understanding of jazz theory/harmony (jazz course only)

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Percussion pupils: Please specify what, if any, instruments you own and whether you’re able to bring them to the course.

I would be interested in additional individual vocal coaching (Wind, Brass & Percussion course only, dependent on interest)

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Childhood Diseases

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If your son/daughter carries an epi-pen, please provide him/her with two spare epi-pens in addition to the one your child carries. An epi-pen will be given to the member of staff supervising your child to be used in case of emergency.

Photography and Film Permission

During the summer schools, staff and external photographers will photograph or film participants and staff. Below are listed the places where these photographs and videos may be used:

  • the school websites
  • the school’s social media channels
  • the school's newsletters or magazines
  • other marketing and publicity material for the school and its associated business and outreach
  • press releases to local and national newspapers
  • sharing recorded concerts with parents, guardians and friends.

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