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English in Action

As part of the ttp Education in Action programme, Wells Head of English, Neil Bowen, is running two lectures for the GCSE English in Action at the Emmanuel Centre in London today, alongside award-winning Welsh poet, author and playwright Owen Sheers.

The innovative session will feature an interactive programme to prepare and enthuse students, giving them the skills and confidence to exceed expectations in their examination. Students will explore ways to increase their creativity and improve their writing skills, delve into non-fiction texts across time and learn how to tackle unseen poetry.

Neil will give two lectures, the first, Tackling unseen poetry: the little picture and the BIG, will explore effective and ineffective ways of reading and writing about unseen poetry and seek to dismantle the myth that poems are essentially fiendish puzzles which readers have to solve to extract a single, hidden ‘message’. The other, Narrating and describing! Make it exciting! will explore inspiring ways to improve writing skills and creativity through reading texts that make your hair stand up.