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We award a number of scholarships each year to recognise a variety of talents.

Prep School Scholarships

In the Prep School, we offer Specialist Music Scholarships and Choristerships. Please note that the application process and financial awards for these are completely independent to the Scholarships outlined below. Please see this link for more information about our Music Scholarships and this link for details about our Chorister Scholarships.

Senior School Scholarships


Every year we award a number of scholarships to recognise current talent and potential in a wide variety of fields. In addition to a financial award, our Scholars receive enhanced educational opportunities and privileges to help them develop their talents.

Please note that you may apply for up to two scholarships. If successful, in most cases you would receive one financial scholarship and an additional honorary scholarship.

Scholarships Available

See the links below for further details on our various scholarships, including criteria, benefits and how to apply. Please see this link for guidance if you’re unsure which music path is best for you.