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Children have been educated at Wells Cathedral School for over a thousand years, in what has to be one of the world’s most beautiful and inspiring locations.

But while a sense of place provides something crucial as a child grows up and learns about themselves and the world in which they live, it is even more important that every child feels comfortable and secure enough to be able to discern, explore and test their own talents and interests.

Grounded in a timeless tradition and ethos since its origins as a Chorister School, yet adept enough to relish the challenges of the 21st century with a forward-looking Strategic Vision, Wells Cathedral School provides an encouraging and ambitious education for every child.

Whether your son or daughter is in the Sixth FormSenior, MusicPrep, Pre-Prep or Nursery School, I believe all children’s school days should be filled with opportunities to explore a range of interests and ideas; some will stick, some won’t, but all experiences are valuable and formative.

At Wells we give our pupils numerous opportunities to discover and nurture individual passions, in turn propelling them into a successful and fulfilling life beyond school. We are interested in the education of the whole child, so that our pupils become thoughtful, confident, articulate, creative and caring individuals.

The website provides you with an introduction to the wonderful education we offer to our pupils at Wells Cathedral School. But nothing beats seeing the school in action. So please do contact our Admissions team and make an appointment to come and see us. If you are unable to come in person, our Admissions Team would also be delighted to make an appointment so you can meet us ‘virtually’. We look forward to hearing from you.

Alastair Tighe, Head Master

Why Choose Wells as your Private School?

We provide a well-rounded private education for all our pupils so that they will go on to be successful individuals in society throughout their lives. See below for how our private school in Somerset achieves this and creates a unique, magical atmosphere with a family feel that you have to see to believe!

Excellent Inspection Results

Wells Cathedral School achieved the highest possible description of “Excellent” in both pupil achievement (including academic development) and personal development.

Read our Report

Esto Quod Es

Our independent school has a dynamic mix of boys and girls aged 2-18 who have a variety of talents across our various school stages: Little Wellies Nursery, Pre-Prep, Prep School, Senior School and Sixth Form. Our core belief and motto Esto Quod Es (Be What You Are) ties our School together and creates a happy, stimulating environment where all our pupils can thrive and develop their talents or even discover new ones.

Click here to find out how we incorporate this philosophy throughout the School.

Beautiful Surroundings

Our beautiful independent school in the historic city of Wells, Somerset has inspired pupils for more than a thousand years. It is easy to see why The Telegraph and The Good Schools Guide named us the loveliest school in the UK.

You can find out more about our location here.

Elite Programmes

Many pupils at Wells are accepted onto one of our programmes for exceptionally talented individuals. Some join these programmes when they enter the School, while others move up during their time with us, having benefited from the exceptional education we offer.

Pupils on our Elite Programmes benefit from our flexible approach, enabling them to make the most of their time at school. This might mean that some pupils take more A levels than others, for example. Our mentality is not “one size fits all”, but rather: “let’s work out what is best for your future”.

Specialist Music and Choristers

We are the only school in the UK that offers specialist music pre-professional training within an all-round independent school. This means that the most amazingly talented young musicians from around the world come to Wells, Somerset to benefit from world-class music training, while still pursuing academic and other pursuits. Click the following links to find out more about our Specialist Music Programme and Chorister Programme.

Specialist Maths

Based on our success with our music specialism, we launched a unique programme that stretches and challenges our exceptionally talented young mathematicians alongside our all-round independent school offering in Somerset. Click to find out more about our Specialist Maths Programme.

Sport Scholars

Our Sports Scholars – many of whom represent their country or county at their chosen sport – benefit from an individual tailored, coaching and mentoring programme that challenges them to reach even greater heights. Click to find out more about what we offer our Sports Scholars.

Amazing Opportunities

…Our proven track record in academic excellence
We regularly send pupils to Oxbridge, and we are in the top 10% of all UK independent schools for “added value”, helping pupils of all abilities to gain higher exam grades than predicted.

…Exceptional training and facilities in sport
We are national champions in hockey, regional champions in badminton, have an award-winning cricket field and stunning swimming pool, and our private school in Somerset offers a huge “sport for all” programme in 30+ sports.

… Outstanding provision in music and the creative arts
Our superb new arts centre Cedars Hall – opened in 2016 – provides incredible facilities for pupils to develop in music, theatre, dance, art and photography.

…An unrivalled outdoor learning programme
We take full advantage of being in an astonishingly beautiful part of the world. Our Combined Cadet Force (CCF) is over 200 strong, and numerous pupils achieve Duke of Edinburgh Awards at Bronze, Silver and Gold.

… 40+ extra-curricular opportunities from which to choose
In addition to all of the above, we embrace our “Be what you are” philosophy by offering an exciting and diverse programme of activities, from Robotics to Forensic Science.

If you happen to be interested in something we don’t offer, we are always open to new ideas and will do our best to accommodate you.

See our Nursery, Pre-PrepPrep School, Senior School and Sixth Form pages for more details on what we have to offer.

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