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At Wells, fostering a true sense of community and belonging is absolutely central what we do.
One way of achieving this is through our two weekly whole Senior School assemblies.

Our Monday morning assembly in the Cathedral takes the form of a short service with music, readings and an address that is designed to encourage and challenge pupils to think about moral and philosophical ideas, as well as promote values which are core to our community such as kindness, respect and acceptance. This may sometimes be set within a Christian context, but our aim is to ensure that the message is relevant to all pupils, whatever their beliefs.

The Senior School also meets in Cedars Hall each Thursday morning before lessons start. This assembly usually includes a musical performance and a celebration of the achievements of pupils and staff. Speakers may also address the School on a variety of topics including current affairs, ethical issues, our sense of shared history and, as part of our wider UK educational responsibility, ‘fundamental British values’.

On this page you can find links to some of our recent addresses.

On Hope in the Digital Age, Chris Eldridge, Head of History, June 2022

What does Ascension Day tell us about love?, Revd Mary Bide, Sub-Dean, May 2022

On Blame, Chris Eldridge, Head of History, March 2022

New Beginnings: For the Start of a New Year, Revd Canon Dr Rob James, Canon Chancellor, January 2022

Samuel Anoints David: what is God really interested in about you?, Sarah Curl, Chaplain, November 2021

Reflections on the Moon in anticipation of the Cathedral’s Festival of the Moon, David Rowley, Head of Years 7 and 8 and Head of Geology, October 2021

Doubting Thomas and Antony Gormley’s DOUBT, Alastair Tighe, Head Master, September 2021

Christmas in a Time of Covid, Alastair Tighe, Head Master, December 2020

Transformation, Revd Canon Rob James, Canon Chancellor, St Andrew’s Day, November 2020

Cathedral Thinking, Sally Rowley, Head of Sixth Form, November 2020

Reflections on Remembrance, Chris Eldridge, Head of History, November 2020

Be Yourself, Martin Ashton, Deputy Head (Pastoral), November 2020

‘Wow’ moments and Jacob’s Ladder, Alastair Tighe, Head Master, September 2020

Welcome to Trinity Term, Alastair Tighe, Head Master, June 2020

Welcome to Whitsun Term, Alastair Tighe, Head Master, April 2020

Courtesy and Making a Good Impression, Alastair Tighe, Head Master, January 2020

Reflections on Remembrance, Chris Eldridge, Head of History, November 2019

Curiosity, Andrew O’Sullivan, Teacher of English, October 2019

Memory Makers, Sarah Curl, Chaplain, October 2019

Enthusiasm, Sally Rowley, Head of Sixth Form, UCAS and Higher Education, September 2019

Curiosity, Alastair Tighe, Head Master, September 2019

Finding Sanctuary, Alastair Tighe, Head Master, April 2019

Unkind Banter, Alastair Tighe, Head Master, February 2019

The School Motto, Alastair Tighe, Head Master, September 2018

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