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We pride ourselves on providing a learning environment that encourages our ‘intellectually-curious explorers’ to develop the skills and character strengths that our pupils will need to be ready and prepared to thrive in the ever-changing world around us.

Our motto be what you are is reflected in our approach to our curriculum. We give our pupils a range of opportunities designed to help them to discover themselves, to challenge themselves (and be challenged!), to succeed, and to see failure as a learning experience. Through a vast and varied range of learning opportunities our children are able to develop their talents and discover new ones both in and outside of the classroom within an accepting community that encourages everyone to be exactly what they are and become the best version of themselves.

Our Prep School offers a challenging and creative curriculum to inspire our children to become problem-solvers and to take risks from early in their School careers. All children are encouraged to develop teamwork and leadership skills, make friends and have fun.

Children use their initiative and dare to take risks in a supportive environment. Whilst our curriculum complies with statutory requirements and takes account of the general requirements of the National Curriculum and EYFS framework, as an independent school we are released from the constraints of the National Curriculum and pupils receive a rich educational diet.

The children are mainly looked after by their Form Teacher in Year 3 but also work with specialists in subjects like Games, Music, Art, Drama and Dance. In Years 4, 5 and 6, we have an increasing use of specialised staff across all subjects. In Languages, we want pupils to be confident in embarking upon new challenges so we study French in Years 1-6, with the opportunity to attend a Latin Club for Years 5 and 6 and a Spanish and Portuguese Club for the younger children.

We have a strong and effective partnership with the Senior School, both in terms of shared facilities and specialist teaching.

Across the school, the strength of personal relationships between pupils and staff fosters a positive learning environment and teachers give generously of their time both inside and outside the classroom in order to help pupils to learn.

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Boys walking down Vicars Close at dusk
Prep School Curriculum
Prep School Curriculum
Prep School Curriculum
Prep School Curriculum
Curriculum at our Independent Prep School in Wells, Somerset

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