Flywire's payment experience


Our tuition fees reflect the world-class education that we have to offer. If you need support with the fees, we offer five possible avenues for you to explore. Families may explore multiple avenues; for example, some pupils may receive both a scholarship and a bursary.

1. Bursaries

In certain circumstances, we can offer means-tested financial awards to families from a broad range of income levels. The goal of our bursary programme is twofold: to attract and enrol pupils from diverse backgrounds; and to offer our unique educational opportunity to deserving pupils whose family has a genuine financial need. Please see our Bursaries section for more information.

2. Fee discounts

For those families with more than one child in the school, we reduce 5% of the actual fee for the second child, 20% for the third, 40% for the fourth, and 80% for the fifth child.

Sons and daughters of clergy may qualify for a bursary equating to 10% of the relevant fees.

Sons and daughters of members of the UK armed forces qualify for reduced fees. For 2019/20 the fee for each pupil is CEA (including parental contribution) plus £350 per term.

3. Scholarships

We offer a wide range of financial awards in the form of scholarships (Academic, All Round, Art, Drama, Mathematics and Sport). These range from 10% to 50% of day fees and are awarded based on merit. Applicants need to apply before our assessments, which are held in January each year. For more details, please see our Scholarships section.

We also offer music scholarships; please see below for more information.

4. Assistance for musicians

We are one of just four schools in the UK able to offer means-tested awards of up to 100% of fees, provided by the UK government through the Music and Dance Scheme (MDS). These are available only to a small number of exceptionally talented musicians. Our Music Scholarships are another option for talented musicians who are ineligible for or not awarded an MDS grant. Our Music Scholarships range from 10% to 50% of day fees and are awarded based on merit. Please see our Music Scholarship page for more information.

5. Chorister Awards

All of our choristers are eligible for a non-means tested fee reduction, and we also help families source further funding from trusts and foundations. Applicants need to arrange their pre-audition before Christmas in order to be considered for our main auditions, which are held in January of each year. Please see our Chorister page for more information.