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Budding Chemists in Year 6

Budding Chemists in Year 6

Year 6 pupils have just started their new unit of chemistry, as part of this term’s science syllabus. Part of the topic involves dissolving different harmless substances in water and then investigating the reasons for the subsequent differing reactions.

Normally, the teachers work with mystery substances to see whether the pupils can guess what they are using their scientific knowledge, but with remote learning this has not been possible, and more specific instructions have been provided to help the pupils conduct the experiments in their own homes.

For the experiment this week, pupils were instructed to use three different ingredients: salt, sugar and flour. They had to adhere to the strict scientific protocols of making sure the variable was consistent, using two leveled teaspoons of each substance and ensuring the same amount of water in the same type of glass, where possible, followed by clear stirring guidelines. Pupils recorded their results on google classroom.

Pupils then met together virtually with Junior Head of Science, Karl Gibson, to discuss their findings, where they were also provided with an in depth explanation of how the molecules dissolve on youtube.

Karl said, “Although this is much easier to action and discuss in the classroom, using physical equipment, the children have done an awesome job. It’s been a very successful learning experience!