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Private School Somerset Artwork Years 3,4,5,6

Junior School Summer Artwork

During the Whitsun and Trinity Terms, Junior School pupils have been very busy in their art lessons, learning new techniques and discovering inspiration from a range of celebrated artists and historical events.

Pupils in Year 3 focused on the theme of landscapes. They studied the work of several impressionist artists and then used the new painting techniques to paint in the style of their chosen artist. The pupils loved mixing the colours and worked on larger scale images. They then used pointillism to paint a landscape from our local area.

To conclude our water topic, Year 4 pupils painted a seascape on a small canvas, first drawing a simple composition and then painting the image using acrylic paint. After the sea pictures were complete, the children then studied Egyptian artwork and artefacts. They started by looking at Tutankahmun’s death mask and designed and made their own mask using mod roc. They also drew their own portrait and looked at different symbols and patterns used in Ancient Egyptian artwork.

In Year 5, pupils investigated the abstract artist Wassily Kandinsky. They created their own composition by listening to a piece of music and drawing what they heard. They then painted the image and added chalk pastels to enhance some of the shapes. These images were used to help with their 3D sculpture. The final designs were very effective!

Year 6 pupils studied World War II in their history classes this year and so this topic segued into their art lessons. They created large scale, mixed media pieces of art using lots of images and symbols from the war. They also painted an image based on World War II using silhouettes and a bright sunset.

Enjoy the pupils’ artwork below.

Year 3

Year 3 Summer Artwork - Landscapes

Year 4

Year 4 Summer Artwork - Seascapes and the Egyptians

Year 5

Year 5 Summer Artwork - Kandinsky

Year 6

Year 6 Summer Artwork - Images of War

Years 3 and 4 Art Club

Year 3 & Year 4 Art Club

Junior Art Enrichment

Junior Art Enrichment