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Treasure Island triumph WCS Wells Cathedral School Independent Prep Somerset England

Treasure Island triumph!

Congratulations to the entire Treasure Island production team on four sold-out performances to a rapturous public, including a matinée for visiting primary and prep schools.

This was a special production that truly celebrated the power of the ensemble using acting, singing, dancing, physical theatre, puppetry and stage combat to tell Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic tale. All of this was supported by a large and hugely enthusiastic pupil stage crew, and it was also wonderful to witness a pupil compose an epic and sweeping score that was played by a pupil band throughout. We have been in receipt of some wonderful feedback from audience members:

A wonderful and inspiring evening of entertainment and enjoyment. Whilst there may be just one or two schools that could produce the calibre of acting (superb!), I don’t think there is any school in the UK that has pupils that actually compose the music (and then perform it live) and write the lyrics. It was a truly inspirational evening and you must be so proud.”

I just wanted to extend my thanks for the most wonderful play. I think often back to Chicago last year and had the sense that it could not be ‘topped’, but how wrong was I! I could hardly contain myself at the end on Saturday night, in fact I didn’t! I was whooping like a maniac. Oh dear! I was bursting with pride for all of them! It was an absolute joy of a production. It was a triumph! I appreciated every single moment.”

Well done to the talented team of pupils and staff who worked so hard to facilitate this ambitious production!