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To space and back… in a day! WCS Wells Cathedral School Independent Prep Somerset England

To space and back… in a day!

On Thursday 6th June, pupils in Year 5 were treated to a workshop run by Jo from Space Detectives. They explored the universe and planets by participating in the Destination Mars workshop, considering the challenges and implications of living on Mars.

The morning began with a virtual tour of space wherein pupils were transported into an amazing technologically advanced “Space World” and were awed by moments of discovery and learning as they journeyed into space through the use of VR headsets. 

Whilst considering the question of whether we could live on Mars, pupils investigated the launch and landing of space rockets. 

They then delved into the question of exactly how we could survive, engineering and building landers, rockets and their own Martian bases.

The day was thoroughly enjoyed by all and more than one pupil was inspired by Jo to “look up” and see what lies beyond the remit of our home planet.

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