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Romeo and Juliet William Shakespeare WCS Wells Cathedral School Independent Prep Somerset England

Romeo and Juliet

A huge congratulations to our wonderful cast of actors, dancers, and musicians for their outstanding, sold-out performance of Romeo and Juliet in the Lady Chapel of Wells Cathedral.

It was a truly magical evening that none of us will ever forget. We are immensely proud of each one of them and remain in awe of their remarkable talents.

One audience member commented, “Well, it did exactly all the things you wrote about in the programme. Memorable beyond belief, the setting, the music and above all the chorus, which served to pinpoint every moment. I’m sure loads of people will be writing to congratulate you, but we actually thought it was one of the best adaptations of Shakespeare we had ever seen.”

And now, as we close the chapter on our Romeo and Juliet, we entrust their glittering memory to the stars, for “These violent delights have violent ends and in their triumph die, like fire and powder.” – Friar Lawrence (Act 2, Scene 6)

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