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ISI Regulatory Compliance Inspection

The School underwent an ISI Regulatory Compliance Inspection in September 2018 as part of the regular inspection cycle for all schools. The inspection covered all parts of the School including, since we have boarders, our compliance with the National Minimum Standards for Boarding (NMS).

The School was found to be fully compliant for the quality of education we are providing, the provision for the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of pupils, the suitability of staff, supply staff and proprietors, the premises of and accommodation at the School and the provision of information to parents, inspectors and Department of Education.

On account of the fact that the School was not at the time recording on our Admissions Register the destination school of any of our pupils who left before the end of the Upper Sixth, we were not then compliant with one aspect of the welfare, health and safety standard. All other aspects of our obligations to ensure the welfare, health and safety of our pupils were found to be compliant, and we made changes immediately to our Admissions Register record-keeping to ensure we are now compliant.

The School was also found at the time not to have always responded to some formal complaints within the specified time frame of our Complaints Policy. We were also not explicitly recording in our Complaints Log whether a complaint related to Boarding or Early Years, and in some instances the outcomes and actions from a formal complaint were not adequately recorded. We made changes straight away to the way we handle and keep records of complaints as a result to ensure we are now compliant.

As a consequence of the two failings relating to the Admissions Register and the Complaints Log, some areas of the quality of leadership and management in the School were found wanting at the time. But the Governors and Senior Leadership team introduced new structures in the Autumn of 2018 to ensure that policies and key documents are kept regularly under review and scrutiny. A further Progress Monitoring Report was undertaken by ISI in 2019 and the School was found to have rectified their administration of the Admissions Register and Complaints Log and was found to now be fully compliant across all standards.

The School was pleased that overall the full inspection report had so much which commended the work and life of the School, and we welcomed the opportunity to ensure our practice was even better.

ISI Inspection Report 2018

ISI Inspection Report 2019