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Ann Grayburn, Piano

Captivated by music from an early age Ann had to wait until she was seven years old before receiving piano lessons. In the meantime she improvised, composed and got into bad habits with fingering! She was fortunate enough to attend primary and secondary schools where music was encouraged and she learnt recorder, clarinet, viola and percussion besides the piano. Her love of music was further enhanced by six exciting years at the Junior Guildhall School of music where her passion for composition and orchestral music developed. She took her ARCM piano teaching diploma before reading music at the University of York and then trained to be a class music teacher at the College of Ripon and York St. John, York. Most of her career has combined teaching the piano and academic music. Besides her work at Wells and at home as a private piano teacher, Ann also teaches piano at Colston’s Girls School and A Level music at St. Brendan’s Sixth Form College in Bristol. She has also trained as an examiner for the Associated Board. She continues to enjoy playing the viola in local amateur orchestras, accompanying and playing duets or two piano works with colleagues and attending orchestral concerts and piano recitals.