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Karl Gibson, Deputy Head of the Prep School

Karl Gibson from Wells Prep School in Somerset

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Karl Gibson, Deputy Head of the Prep School

I came to Wells because I was attracted to the history and prestige of the school. My passion for the school has led me to reach my own goals, and I am now the Deputy Head of the Prep School. Before, I had been a schoolteacher in New Zealand, working with year 5 and 6 children. I came to England to work and travel, but I have enjoyed working at Wells so much that I have chosen to stay in England. I now have two young children of my own who go to Wells or “Big School” as my little girl would say! I am passionate about science and enjoy leading the Junior Science department as coordinator; I find science is a hands-on subject, and I love seeing children explore different concepts using a range of equipment for the first time. They begin to start asking questions of the wider world and how these ideas impact on them. I also help coach sport, but my particular passion is rugby – coming from New Zealand it is in the blood! In fact, I am so passionate about rugby that I also referee club rugby for Somerset and during 2012-2015 I reached higher honours: refereeing RFU Level 5 rugby, travelling all over the South-West.