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Lloyd Chin

Lloyd Chin, Chorister at Wells Cathedral and pupil at Wells Cathedral School, and independent school in Somerset

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Lloyd Chin, Chorister

Being a chorister gave me confidence to sing, and helped me have much better English as an international student. It also made me more organised as a person, and I learned how to take responsibility.

I realised how passionate I felt towards singing, and I was so much more engaged in school life with friends after being a chorister. I gained valuable skills including teamwork, and how to concentrate on different tasks. Being in the choir also allowed me to enrich my knowledge of music history and music theory. It was a very good opportunity, and a very good experience. It was great to sing with other children with different ages from different countries.

My talent and contribution were truly appreciated in Wells Cathedral Choir. It has made me a better performer. Some of my best memories in my life were created there!