Mid Somerset Festival Awards

Mid Somerset Festival Awards

Wells musicians performed extremely well again at this year’s elite Mid Somerset Festival in Bath, winning a large number of categories across a range of musical disciplines; as well as coming away with a clutch of the major awards for best musician.

Adam won the Piano Shop Bath Salver for most outstanding pianist in the senior category; whilst Bridget won the Western Daily Press Challenge Trophy for most outstanding pianist in the junior category. Cellist Ian won the Premier Award; and Katey won the May King Vocal Award.

Additionally, the following classes were won by Wells musicians:

Class P10 Piano Repertoire (9 & under) Charlotte
Class P13 Piano Repertoire (13 & under) Bridget
Class P20 Baroque Piano Solo (15 & under) Bridget
Class P22 Own Piano Composition (16 & under) Jane
Class P25 Baroque Piano Solo Adam
Class P37 Piano Duet – intermediate Phoebe & Bridget
Class P39 Piano Duet (open)(grade 4 & below) Charlotte & Laura
Class P26 Classical Piano Solo Nicole
Class P27 Romantic Piano Solo Phoebe
Class P31 Piano Recital Adam
Class P32 Piano Concerto Adam

Class S3 String Solo – intermediate Charlotte
Class S7 Cello/Double Bass Solo – advanced Freya
Class S8 Cello/Double Bass Solo Repertoire – advanced Ian

Class W2 Woodwind Solo – elementary Charlotte

Class S11 Concerto for any Stringed Instrument Ian
Class S13 Harp Solo – advanced. Amy
Class S15 Harp Solo Repertoire – advanced Esther
Class S16 Music with Harp. Sasha & Katie

Class V18 Jazz and Pop Songs (15 & under) Lily
Class VC1 Own Vocal Composition (15 & under) Lily

Class V23 Unaccompanied Folk Song (16-19). Imogen
Class V27 Art Song – Sing Shakespeare (16-19) Kelvin
Class V28 Art Song (16 to 19) Katey
Class V29 Opera or Operetta (16-19) Katey
Class V34 Vocal Recital (16 & 17) Charlotte