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James Follows The Yellow Brick Road – The Professional Route

Y12 specialist trombone student James could have been forgiven for being disappointed to hear that his parents were off to Barcelona but for James that wasn’t the case. James’s father is a professional trombone player and he handed James the opportunity for dep for him with a professional band in a week long production of the Hollywood classic Wizard of Oz. All week James sat next to the brass blog author and therefore the brass blog can report accurately that James did an outstanding job and more than held his own with a pit full of battle harden professional musicians. Asked how he would spend his first professional pay cheque, James replied he would be putting it towards buying a euphonium ……………. a noble use of the financial rewards of his playing at The Octagon Theatre Yeovil The professional band were hired to accompany the excellent Castaway Youth Music Theatre group and more details on them can be found by following;