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Students participating in the French Spelling Bee

French Spelling Bee Competition

This year, the Languages Faculty took part, for the second year running, in the Routes Into Languages National Languages Spelling Bee competition. Over 5,000 students in Year 7 entered the competition in September in the UK and at Wells, around 15 students volunteered to have a go. Each term, students had to learn 50 new French words and and at the end of the term, there was an internal competition, where students had one minute to translate and spell as many words as possible! Each term, only the top students were taken forward to the next stage, until only three remained. At the end of April, director of modern languages, Jules Desmarchelier took Abigail, Florence and George to Norton Hill School in Midsomer Norton to compete in the South-West Regional Finals. There were two groups for French as so many students entered the competition and our three intrepid students, who by then had memorised 150 words, were in group A with very strong opposition. Of the four students selected for the National Finals, all came from group A. Jules said, “We are very proud to have had three very worthy regional competitors, who did superbly on the day and who wished they had got their hands on these trophies… They are already talking about the Year 8 Routes into Languages Competition focusing on Translation! I look forward to next year’s Year 7 taking part in this competition and in the meantime, we can but dream of getting the trophies!”