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Defining Tragedy Lecture

In early November, Wells Head of English, Neil Bowen, gave a lecture, Defining tragedy, the tragic genre and tragic sub-genres to A-level students from across the country at the Emmanuel Centre in London.

In a programme designed as part of ttp Education in Action to inspire, support and entertain, expert speakers, including actor, director and lecturer, Nick Hutchison, and Dr Simon Avery, lecturer at the University of Westminster, explored the literary, social and international perspectives of Tragedy, offering students comprehensive strategies for approaching set texts.

ttp Education in Action was founded by teachers passionate about providing an inspirational, motivational experience not possible within the confines of the classroom. By building on this original philosophy ttp Education in Action has become the leading provider of external educational study days in the UK. Our engaging Education in Action study days provide students with the greatest stimulus, motivation and encouragement to enthusiastically continue their studies and strive for the highest academic qualifications.

Neil’s lecture explored definitions and genres of tragedy in terms of literary style, focusing on the literary context for these tragic aspects and using a range of examples from some popular set texts.

An experienced Head of English and a freelance writer, Neil Bowen is the author of a range of books, articles and English resources and a member of Ofqual’s experts panel for English. He is the author of The Art of Writing English Essays for GCSE, co-author of The Art of Writing English Essays for A-level and Beyond and of The Art of Poetry, volumes 1-5. Neil also created and runs the Peripeteia project bridging the gap between A-level and degree level English courses.

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