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Dorothy’s Magical Adventure

Wells Nursery and Pre-Prep pupils put on three sparkling performances of Dorothy’s Magical Adventure to parents, friends and siblings in the Ritchie Hall this week.

This bespoke play, written and produced by Penelope Lambert, was inspired by the various strengths and personalities of the young children performing it – tailor-made to fit their individual talents!

The story focuses on the adventures of a ruby-slippered Dorothy who explores different nursery rhyme lands, meeting a whole world of endearing characters along the way. In addition to their delightful dramatic performances, the children performed many classic children’s songs and dance routines adapted specially for the performance.

The performances will segue beautifully with the forthcoming Junior School production of The Wizard of Oz in the summer term, providing further inspiration for the youngest in the school as they watch their older contemporaries bring familiar characters to life.