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Geological Society Section Winners

Congratulations to the Wells Geology team who have been awarded the winner’s prize for their presentation on ‘Cryovolcanoes and Ice tectonics on Europa’ in the remote final of this year’s Geological Society Competition.

This year, instead of going to London for the final, the teams submitted their poster, sent a video of them delivering their powerpoint presentation and completed a geological quiz online. Rather than awarding an overall prize this year, the Society awarded a winner for each section.

Feedback from the judges was extremely positive: “This is a very professional presentation, and wouldn’t be out of place in an undergraduate assignment. Very good delivery, and particularly impressive that some speakers did not use notes. The presentation contained a lot of good technical info and the speakers showed good understanding. Confident delivery.”

The team each receive a year’s free candidate fellowship to the Geological Society and there is also a £100 prize to support geology teaching at school.

The team was led by Upper Sixth pupil Nicholas Richards, and included Nick, Ellie Ager, Humphrey Boot, Edward Harris, Megan Taylor and Isaac Wiessler.