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TED Talks

A TED Talk is anything you want it to be, whether that’s teaching the audience about a global tax on billionaires or persuading them that love is just a chemical reaction. These are just two examples of the eight thought provoking talks that were performed at this year’s Lower Sixth TED Talk evening in late February.

TED is an online organisation which converges technology, education and entertainment, with aims to spread ideas on almost all topics in the form of short, powerful talks. They hope to change attitudes and alter people’s views on important topics.

See a selection of the talks below:

The internet, a blessing or a curse? by Shona M’gadzah

The effect of global tax on billionaires by Amber Cooknell

The Perfect Identity by June Rippon

The Double Standards of History by Tabby Spindler

Is love more than just a chemical reaction? by Clement Liu

The Ethics of Euthanasia Laura Jenkins

With thanks to Katie Hastilow, Lower Sixth, Tim Walker and Charlotte Farmer.