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Update on Kim Foster

Update on OW Percussionist Kim Foster

Congratulations to Old Wellensian, Kim Foster, who will take up the post of Head of Music at Kingswood House Prep School in Surrey at the start of September, having specialised in music at Wells, the Royal College of Music and in her subsequent career.

Kim spent 12 years at Wells, starting as a little Wellensian in the Reception class, spending several years in the Pre-Prep and Junior School, before returning as a percussion specialist for Year 7. Kim’s musical journey began in the Junior School with break time piano lessons with Jill Edmunds; nicknamed ‘Basher’, Kim soon progressed to percussion with Jan Faulkner as she loved the volume of the percussion instruments, and never looked back!

Finishing at Wells in 2013, Kim continued with her percussion training at the Royal College of Music, juggling her degree with music and percussion teaching, before working with Croydon Music and Arts, the council run arts and education department, once she graduated in 2017.

She has also worked with Old Wellensian, Tim Maryon, a few years ago on a piece that they dedicated to Jan Faulkner.

As well as running events and the Easter course for 75 children with Croydon Music and Arts, Kim has been studying at Trinity Laban for her Masters in Teaching Musician, specialising in  Gender Stereotypes in Percussion, with the aim of graduating with her MA next summer.

Kim said, “The thing I love about music is that I constantly come into contact with people from school. Wells has always had this lovely family feel and was such a great place to grow up. Everything I do as a teacher is down to the teaching I had at Wells – both Jan and Jayne were fantastic and I now feel the pain of having to write reports!” 

Kim’s family installed the percussion suite in the under Cedars basement and also redecorated the old percussion room in the music school – both still growing strong after many years! 

Kim added, “I often tell my students to enjoy everything about school and take part in everything and very often find myself saying I’d go back if I could and I don’t think that’s common for most people. I owe an awful lot to my experiences and my teachers at Wells!”

Here’s a link to some of Kim’s music:

The photo shows Kim as a pupil, with Jayne Obradovic.