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Poetry by Heart

Poetry By Heart Commendation

Congratulations to Year 8 pupil Oscar Lovell-Clark, who has been Highly Commended in this year’s 11+ Category of the Poetry By Heart Competition.

Oscar recited two poems in the Classic section of the competition from a list published on the Poetry By Heart website. One poem had to be published before 1914 and one published in or after 1914.

Oscar chose two contrasting pieces: The Pobble Who Has No Toes by Edward Lear and Lament of an Arawak Child by Pamela Mordecai.

An expert panel of poet judges and educators judged the best performances in the different categories.

English teacher, Andrew O’Sullivan said, “I am delighted with Oscar’s award for his excellent entry in the Poetry By Heart competition. Well-deserved, in my opinion – I thought his two recitations were super, with a brilliant difference in tone between the two.”