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Wells Cathedral School Independent School Somerset WCS EDF Workshop

EDF Workshop

“Year 9 were fortunate enough to be given a talk from Clair, who works for EDF; she discussed the different energies used to create electricity and the negative and positive effects. Furthermore, she talked about what energy supplies are used more and why. For example, we learnt that solar energy was very efficient, although less practical during the winter months. Later on, we learnt about wind turbines and how the quicker they travel the more electricity they produce. This led to us doing a practical; we had to create miniature wind turbines from different materials and then adjust them, to allow them to produce the most electricity. The winning amount was 4.03 volts. We made it quicker, by adjusting the direction the blades were spinning, adding larger wheels and smaller wheels (to reduce the friction) and changing the shape of the blades.”

Thanks to Rosie in Year 9 for her well-written account!