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WCS Independent School Somerset Annual Inter-House Public Speaking Competition

Annual Inter-House Public Speaking Competition Results

The much anticipated annual Inter-House Public Speaking Competition was held in Cedars Hall, proving to be as energetic and competitive as ever with seven Houses represented. Each House consisted of a speaker, a chairperson and a questioner. The event was thoroughly enjoyed by a good sized audience in the Eavis Auditorium and was live-streamed to all pupils and Houses to allow for everyone to watch the event from the comfort of their rooms and lounges.

The competitors were totally independent in the writing of their own speeches and the standard of delivery was extremely high. Speeches ranged from weighty subjects such as ‘Carbon is the future’ and ‘Men’s mental health’ to ‘What’s the deal with atheism anyway?’. More unusual subjects included ‘The European Super League was an atrocity’ and ‘We should make toothpaste addictive’.

An engaging discourse about beauty pageants and a well-balanced debate around the benefits of dance to mental health rounded off a truly thought-provoking and lively set of presentations.

It was very difficult for the judging panel to arrive at a set of results but the final decisions were as follows:

Best Speaker: Alix Barruol (Edwards, Lower Sixth): ‘The social and mental health benefits of dance in our culture’
Best Chairperson: Christian Jennett-Butcher (De Salis, Lower Sixth)
Best Questioner: Freya Hyde (Edwards, Lower Sixth)
Overall House Winner: De Salis with Speaker: George Harding (Lower Sixth), ‘What’s the deal with atheism anyway? A deep dive into the importance of religion’; Chairperson: Christian Jennett-Butcher; and Questioner: Alexei James-Cudworth (Lower Sixth)