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CHATS Talk 12 - Aerial Atlas of Ancient Britain WCS Wells Cathedral Independent School Somerset England

CHATS Talk 12 – Aerial Atlas of Ancient Britain

On Friday 13th January, GCSE and A level Fine Art pupils had the opportunity to attend the latest talk in the CHATS series, by Welsh-born photographic artist David Abram who utilises aerial cameras to capture digital images of prehistoric ceremonial sites and settlements. Whilst discussing these breath-taking abstract and tonal perspectives on the ancient British landscape, David focused particularly on a selection of his images from Somerset and the South West, including Priddy, Avebury and Stonehenge, ‘exploring their cultural resonance as ancient mark making on an epic scale’. Inspired by the artistry and scale of David’s work, pupils were particularly fascinated by his dramatic images of a completely isolated Stonehenge, in the snow, devoid of human activity, taken during one of the COVID-19 national lockdowns.

The next CHATS talk is CHAT 13: Painting as Sculpture. President of the Royal Academy of Arts, Rebecca Salter, discusses her work with Thomas Marks (former Editor of Apollo magazine) on Friday, 10th February.