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With thanks for the remarkable service and devotion you gave to the country – a truly inspirational lady who never had a bad word to say even in the face of so many challenges. We can all learn a lot from your legacy.

Catherine Lynn-Jones

My condolences to the Royal Family on the passing of a beloved Queen, Mother, Grandmother & Great Grandmother. She will always hold a special place in my heart as a beautiful, strong, intelligent woman who served countries for 70 years. May she Rest In Peace.

Elaine Neang

To all the members of the Royal Family. Queen Elizabeth II was an outstanding example of courage, wisdom and resilience to all of us. We are deeply sorry for your grief at this emotional time. The queen will be remembered by so many across the globe for her kindness and smiles to all despite sometimes difficult situations. Reposez en Paix Queen Elizabeth II. With sincere wishes,

Cherry, Louis, James, Jenny and Alix Barruol

Thanks for your service to our country. RIP.

The Williams family

I had been studied in UK in 1987 to 1992, I am so sorry and very sad to hear our Queen past away, please accept our sincerely condolences.

Michelle Shih

We were very sorry to hear that Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II has died.
In our opinion Her Majesty was a timeless and incomparable woman. She touched many people’s hearts. May she rest in peace.

Rosemara & Joachim Mellmann, Karlsruhe (Germany)

Rest in Peace

Gigi Ho

My thoughts and condolences are with the Royal Family and with all those who are mourning her passing. May her soul rest in Peace, Light and Love.

Maria Martinez

Deep respect for a noble queen who faced her duties with courage and dignity and served her nation during seventy years. An example for all of us, not only in Britain, but all over the world.

Bruno Voisin (a French man in love with Wells since I met Alan Quilter and his family in the sixties…

My deepest condolences on the loss of your Queen. May God give King Charles the wisdom to lead the country.

Wanda Boesch

The Queen will be missed by so many, she has been a constant through everything and now it is her time to rest.

Katy Le Cras

We have lost our Queen. The world has lost a Queen.

Pamela Bruce Lockhart

Dear Queen, thank you for everything you have done. may her spirit protect us all in this complex world

Fulvio Clementi

Rest in peace, dearest Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. We salute you on your dedication to your country, your people and all your realms. Sending our utmost respect and affection.

Ozlem Ethemsoy

Thank you for your devotion, constancy, commitment and love for our country. Your Majesty, you are irreplaceable and will be sorely missed. Rest in peace now and may God bless and keep your soul.

Sam Attwell

RIP. Ar dheis Dé go raibh a hanam dílis

Linda CorkeryJohnson

My deeplest condolences. She was an example of a sense of duty and loyalty for many people and will certainly be missed very much. A great queen has passed away.
R.I.P. Queen Elisabeth II

Cynthia Cordon y Roland

I write from Spain, where HM The Queen Elizabeth was highly respected and loved. I want to express our condolences. She will be missed.

Gerardo Gutiérrez-Gutiérrez

The wonderful lifetime of service of Her Majesty gave us a foundation of continuity from past to present. Her death causes us to reflect how much we all rely on continuity in our own journeys through life. May she rest in peace.

George Bunting, Chairman of The Wellensian Association

My thoughts and prayers are with the Royal Family as we mourn the passing of Her Majesty. We will never forget everything she has done for our country and I will forever be in awe of her grace and commitment she showed throughout her reign.

Hannah Birch

We are so deeply saddened of your passing – we loved and admired you.
A true icon and example to us all. Our thoughts are with all of the royal family.

Sue and Simon Carter

The Queen was a very strong and well-respected monarch and person. She was a great ruler and an example to us all. May the world never forget her and all that she has sacrificed for her people over the course of her 70 year reign.


With deepest condolences to our Royal family. Heartfelt thanks to our wonderful Queen, for her inspirational and dutiful service to us all x

Peter, Rebecca, Niamh and Erin Davies

Toutes les condoléances de la famille Barruol à l’égard de la famille royale. La Reine a toujours aimé la France qui lui a toujours bien rendu. Nous nous souviendrons toujours d’une formidable amie qui a toujours su cultiver la profonde amitié anglo-française.

Louis Barruol

We will remember Queen Elizabeth II forever.

Jim Chan

RIP Your Majesty. Thank you.You will be forever remembered.

Mrs Wu

We extend our deep condolences to the Royal Family and the Commonwealth for the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

Jana & Thomas Trautmann

May Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II Rest In Peace. Her Prince is now with His Lilbet. England’s Rose Always ?Quintessential, Graceful, Elegance? Our Condolences to the British Royal Family, Great Britain, the Realms and the Commonwealth. Rainbows in the sky. A star shines brightly over England. Sounds of God Save the King fill the air to continue your legacy. Thank you Ma’am?

Captain Dato’ Leslie Dury, Jacqueline Dury & Thea Aaliyah Dury

Die Welt hat eine anerkannte, prägende und tief beeindruckende Persönlichkeit verloren. Die königliche Familie ein geliebtes Mitglied. Wir trauern mit der Familie und dem Land um Königin Elisabeth Ii. Unser tiefes Mitgefühl und Beileidswünsche aus Königstein im Taunus, Deutschland. Mit ehrendem Gedenken,

Bettina Hackenberg

R.I.P. My late Majesty.

Aggie LUK

I will always remember you my queen. May you rest in peace because God knows you deserve it x

Lee Carroll

May She enjoy the Eternal Light and Her Family find comfort in this ♥️

Margherita Paola Poto

Rest in peace.

Francis Wong

Caring and thinking about here country, until the last breath….A TRUE QUEEN. Rest in peace.

Familia Landaluce-Cejudo

My deepest condolences on the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.She has spent her life fulfilling a promise to her country and people.Heartfelt thanks and respect to her.

Vicky Ngai

A life so well lived, it leaves us an example to try and follow ourselves. Rest in peace, Our Queen.

Lesley Daisley

May her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II Rest In Peace. She will be missed dearly throughout the world.

Kiyomi Goegele

A wonderful life well-lived devoted to the service of her country and Commonwealth and her family – thank you Queen Elizabeth II

Julia Hodgetts

I just wanted to say that I thought the Queen was exceptionally good at her job. I thought that she was a wonderful monarch whom I thought gave inspiration to everyone, whatever anyone thought of her! Most of them could be a great inspiration to many people.

Geraldine Price

The Queen was the epitome of Britishness. Her kindness and leadership will be remembered forever, and I personally will never forget her television appearance with Paddington Bear. To the very last, and even when she was ill, she constantly strived to be there for her people, and her seventy years on the throne were likely some of the best England will ever see. All the respect the world can offer her will not be enough.

Sophie Nock (Summer School Attendee)

Being half English I was very sad to receive the news yesterday. I hereby give my condolences to the Royal Family, to the school community and to all people of the Commonwealth, as I know the Queen meant the world to very many of you.

Bjørn Nicolaisen

Her Majesty the Queen was the quintessence of goodness, soul and spirit of this country, it’s mother figure. Deepest Condolences to Her closest and “wide spread” (the whole nation) family.

Svetlana Nicolaisen

We mourn with the whole entire British Nation, with the Commonwealth and uncountable people in the world facing the passing of Her Majesty, The Queen. She served in dignity her whole life, in early life she stood aside her nation fighting against during world war, at least she encouraged the population to coup with the corona pandemic. She was truly the rock of the nation and for many people around the world. Requiescst in pacem. God save the British Country, the Commonwealth, God save The King

Dr Lingenfelser

My Dear Queen,
You were an inspirational person to us all and we will all miss you so deeply, but for myself to have lived 50 years while you were my Queen, I will be always grateful and I will always remember to be a person just like you. Rest in peace now with your beloved husband.

Rebecca Stott

May you rest in peace, Her Majesty the Queen….

Thank you for all that you have done: you have profoundly changed many of our lives. I have, as a former International student,throughout the years, learnt great things about and from you as well as understanding what it means to be British.

Thank you for setting a great example for us all and you shall be greatly missed…!!