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We want every pupil to enjoy their time at Wells whilst developing into their best possible self because they will only have one childhood…

At Wells we aim to provide all pupils with a family environment within a kind and caring community where they can be happy, healthy and, most importantly, who they are.  With the houses situated in the heart of the school, this warm atmosphere extends into the day to day life of every pupil making Wells not just an independent secondary school but a home.

Our purpose is to ensure all members of our community have a sense of belonging and are contented, balanced and confident individuals who have the necessary tools to live safe, joyful and fulfilling lives. We understand growing up is a learning process – young adults will make mistakes and need to be allowed to learn from them in a safe, supportive environment. We seek to make sure that all members of the community have a high level of spiritual awareness, emotional intelligence and self control and are also active and responsible citizens who make a positive contribution to the school and the wider world.

We achieve our aims through having a strong set of values and beliefs and a culture of learning around pastoral care. Our pastoral professional development programme continually raises the standard of our staff expertise, and our staff working parties look into the latest research and best practice. We have an extensive PSHE programme that invites input from high calibre speakers, and we involve pupils in developing their own well-being initiatives.  

Available to each pupil is a team of dedicated staff, which includes tutors, houseparents, heads of year, professional counsellors, qualified nurses and doctors and a deputy head responsible for pastoral care whose primary role is to support pupils through the challenges that growing up presents. Having such a range of staff available to help with anything and everything ensures each pupil has someone they can trust to turn to if they need it. We believe that we must work in close partnership with parents to ensure each child can develop into their best self. We seek to initiate and always welcome frequent, open and honest communication.

Please see our Boarding page for information specifically for boarders.

Dining at Wells Private Secondary School

The school chefs provide three cooked meals a day, including a vegetarian option and salad bar in a modern, airy dining hall. Older pupils may also use the separate snack bar which provides healthy snack options when schedules become hectic. The dining hall is a place for pupils to meet and enjoy healthy fresh food and catch up with friends. Pupils have access to their houses throughout the day, and they can make toast and sandwiches in the house kitchens.

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