About Our Clubs

Spring 2020

Unfortunately we won’t be running any holiday clubs this Easter, but we are planning on offering a range of clubs this Summer. 

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More Information

Please provide a packed lunch and a water bottle. We will send you an email at least a week before your course with further information about any other equipment that you need to bring and directions of where you will need to bring your child on the day. 

How to Book

Please fill out the form below. Once the form has been successfully submitted, we will email you confirmation of your booking with a link that you’ll need to follow in order to make payment. Please note that your booking won’t be finalised until payment has been made. You will need to set up an account the first time you book a course. Please be sure to add your child(ren)’s full name to the ‘Additional Course Information’ section on the checkout page. If you have any queries, please call us on 01749 834270, and we’ll be happy to help.

Please note that the deadline for applications is three days before the start of the chosen course. We need to ensure that we have the correct child-to-coach ratios so there is no guarantee that a course can be offered after the deadline. Please contact us directly on 01749 834270 to check availability before booking a course after the deadline has passed.

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Cookery - Monday 18th February

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Photography and Film Permission

Staff and external photographers may photograph or film participants and staff. Below are listed the places where these photographs and videos may be used:

  • the school websites
  • the school’s social media channels
  • the school's newsletters or magazines
  • other marketing and publicity material for the school and its associated business and outreach
  • press releases to local and national newspapers
  • sharing recorded concerts with parents, guardians and friends.

Please indicate your permission below as appropriate (required):

I do give permission for my son/daughter being photographed and filmed for the activities listed aboveI do not give permission for my son/daughter being photographed and filmed

Terms and Conditions

By checking the box below I confirm I am aware that the coaching staff accept no liability for any loss, damage to property or injury arising as a result of my son/daughter’s participation. I know of no medical reason why my son/daughter should not participate. I consent to any emergency medical treatment necessary during the course of the activity session. Completion of this form does not guarantee a place on the course as spaces are limited.

I confirm that I have understood and accept all Terms and Conditions.

Please note that we will email you confirmation of your booking with this link that you'll need to follow in order to make payment. Your booking won't be finalised until payment has been made. You will need to set up an account the first time you book a course.

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Virtual Open Day

Ages 2-18

Saturday 6th March
from 10.30am – 1.00pm
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