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About our Uniform

We have developed our school uniform through consultations with parents with the aim for our pupils to look smart, take pride in their appearance and be comfortable. The consistent appearance of pupils through the Prep School and again in the Senior School helps to ensure that all pupils can identify fully as members of the School, whilst reducing the number of uniform changes parents have to manage.

We believe that wearing our uniform smartly and correctly is an important way of demonstrating the pride individuals have in themselves. It also signals the high expectations and aspirations our pupils have whilst enabling them to identify with their wider community. Wearing any uniform correctly is also an important way of ensuring we are all in the correct mindset to be most effective for our work and study, and much research has demonstrated that putting on a uniform is a very helpful way of helping anyone – be they a school pupil or an adult – to get into the right frame of mind for their tasks ahead.

Sixth Form Dress

Members of the Sixth Form have a particular responsibility as the oldest pupils in the School for setting and upholding the high standards expected in all areas of school life. Sixth Form dress replaces school uniform and should be appropriate for the working day, giving pupils a feeling of well-being and confidence in themselves as leaders in the School. Pupils should above all look smart and professional.

Find Out More

  • Prospective parents can contact our admissions team who can help answer any questions you might have about our School uniform. Our current parents can contact their child’s tutor/form teacher.
  • Please visit South West Schoolwear’s website to purchase our uniform.
  • See our Handbooks below. We have a separate guide for Years 7-11. Our Pre-Prep and Prep School clothing lists are included within our Prep School Handbook.