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Brass and Percussion Promenade

Brass and Percussion Promenade

The Brass and Percussion Departments performed their 29th Brass and Percussion Promenade Concert in the Cathedral. The Brass and Percussion Departments were the very first departments from Wells Cathedral School to perform a Promenade Concert. Over the last twenty nine years the two departments have joined together in a variety of themed promenade performances including The Americas, Labour and Love, Timeline and Wild Russia. The very first Brass and Percussion Promenade Concerts were a broad eclectic mix of repertoire and didn’t carry a theme until 2006. This year’s performance was a return to those early days of a very broad eclectic choice but still hung loosely together with a theme. 2017 marks the 75th anniversary of the popular BBC Radio programme Desert Island Discs. This year’s performance was in commemoration of this iconic musical radio programme and all the works featured were chosen by the brass and percussion staff.  The brief for their choice was a piece music that they had either enjoyed coaching at Wells, performed, or was important to them enough to take to their desert island. The result was the broadest eclectic mix that any of the 29 Brass and Percussion Promenade Concerts have ever presented performed by students from the Junior School aged 9 right through to Y13.

Open Morning

Ages 2-18

Saturday 2nd October
from 10.00am – 1.00pm
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