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Brass Tour to Jersey

Five Sixth Form musicians spent four days in Jersey as part of a Brass Tour to the island, during the March exeat weekend.

Trombonist Meggie, tuba player Jacob, French horn player Hannah, and trumpeters Eliza and Danni performed in four concerts, engaging and entertaining audiences with mute demos, trumpet and flugelhorn comparisons, impressive hand-stopping and “build a brass instrument” demonstrations.

For the evening concert each musician elected to speak about their instruments and their repertoire, presenting well-researched and prepared information on their pieces. As they discovered, public speaking is a skill unto itself, and they did themselves, and the school, proud.

Head of Music Technology, Jack Coward, said, “I was immensely proud of Danni, Eliza, Hannah, Meggie and Jacob for their enthusiasm, professionalism, and exemplary conduct. Congratulations!”