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Challenge Quiz Team from our Independent School in Somerset

Challenge Quiz Team Places Second

Our School’s Challenge Quiz Team, consisting of Lola Frisby Williams (Lower Sixth), Alexei James-Cudworth (Lower Sixth), Emily Williams (Year 9) and En Xuan Tan (Year 7), travelled to Exeter School to participate in the South-West round of this year’s competition.

The competition is in the format of University Challenge, and, playing three rounds of 12 minutes, Wells Cathedral School got off to a storming start, beating Kings Taunton convincingly with a lead of over 100 points. Subsequent games against Mount Kelly and Exeter were a little more mixed, with one closer victory and a narrow loss. The team worked well together, with valuable contributions from all in conferring as well as some excellent individual efforts. While there was a perceptible arts bias – seen in our success with opening lines of novels beginning with the letter P, antiques dealers and Italian musical terms – there was also a pleasing breadth to the range of knowledge on display, with Cockney Rhyming slang, fifty pound notes and Ivy League universities all featuring in Wells’ successful rounds. We even knew where Ouagadougou is, even if spelling the name proved elusive.

After the final calculation of score difference we were found to have come a close second, being narrowly beaten 160-130 in the final tally by our hosts, Exeter, who go on to the next round.

Well done to the whole team; we look forward to seeing you perform similarly strongly next year!