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Eddie the Penguin Pre-Prep Production WCS Independent School Somerset

Eddie the Penguin Pre-Prep Production

The children of Pre-Prep worked together to make a wonderful production called Eddie the Penguin Saves the World!

The play is about a penguin named Eddie who realises that the ice is melting because the world is getting warmer, so he and his family travel across the globe teaching the humans a variety of lessons to help them protect the planet. They meet polar bears, lumberjacks, school children, the Australian Prime Minister, a DJ, and more. It’s quite the adventure!

After the success of their production, the children were able to reflect on what made it so valuable. They felt that the most important skills they learned were to work as a team, to be confident, to be brave, to try your best, to be resilient and to sparkle and shine! They also felt that the play taught them lots about looking after their world, an especially poignant lesson in today’s climate.

Jody Wells, Head of the Junior School, was particularly impressed with the children’s performance; “Having all thoroughly enjoyed the children’s Nativity performance prior to Christmas, what an unexpected delight it was to see such progression in our youngest children in such a short space of time. Their poise, confidence and fabulous delivery brought smiles from everyone. The children’s fantastic work not only underlines the importance performance plays in our children’s overall development but also the impact that the reduction or absence of such opportunities through Covid has had on our youngest children. That the children are performing so comfortably and successfully is testament to their resilience, their efforts and those of their teachers and parents. Let’s hope their message of ‘There is one world, let’s do our best to look after it’, is met with similar determination by all who heard it.”

As spoken in the final words of the play: well done Eddie and the penguins!

His Majesty King Charles III retains Patronage of Wells Cathedral School
We are delighted that His Majesty King Charles III will remain the Patron of Wells Cathedral School.

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