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Adele Beecham and Alex Hibbert Polar Explorer Wells Cathedral Independent School Somerset WCS

Upper Sixth Pupil Interviews Alex Hibbert

Upper Sixth pupil Adele Beecham recently interviewed polar traveller and explorer Alex Hibbert for the Youth Perspective Interview Series on her YouTube channel. The series is an online programme where talented and innovative people share their views on current affairs through interviews with Adele.

Alex is a British World-Record-holding polar traveller, expedition leader, public speaker, author and photographer. He has skied further on an unsupported Arctic journey than anyone in history. We were fortunate enough to have Alex come to the school to talk about his career and travels. Adele invited him to feature in an interview on her channel to discuss climate change.

Adele was keen to hear about the devastating effects of climate change from someone who had witnessed the change first-hand and to hear how to prevent these effects from worsening. Along with the climate crisis, Adele wanted to share Alex’s career path with her fellow peers, informing them about his unusual and interesting profession.

Additionally, having spent quite a large part of his career isolated with his thoughts while travelling the Arctic, Adele was interested in his perspective on isolation, something which the news has mentioned multiple times as a struggle for Gen Z especially during and after Covid.

Adele has also interviewed singer, songwriter Jeffrey Lenh and author, publisher and podcaster Bonnie Orbison to name a few. You can tune into her YouTube channel here and watch all of the interviews.

Well done to Adele for putting so much effort into this series of videos and we look forward to many more.