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Performance Sport at Wells Cathedral School WCS Independent Prep Somerset England

New film unveiled: Performance Sport at Wells

Wells Cathedral School is excited to unveil a brand new film, Performance Sport at Wells.

The film takes viewers on a journey of the performance sports offered throughout the year at Wells, highlighting the opportunities that are available for boys and girls for each of the three sporting seasons.

Featuring current Sport Scholars and Heads of Sport, it is an opportunity to gain insight into the extensive sporting calendar at Wells, as well as the outstanding facilities, provisions and teaching that the School is proud to offer.

The School’s Director of Sport, Tom Webley, described the thought process behind the film:

We were really keen to put something together which shows the breadth of Sport at Wells. We aim to encourage all pupils to enjoy the many benefits that sport has to offer whilst also challenging and inspiring the most talented of athletes through our Scholars Programme. We are so proud of what we’re able to deliver here, and I’m delighted to have the opportunity to showcase not only how passionate our staff are, but also the ways in which sport has transformed the lives of so many of our pupils.”

Beginning with the Autumn, click the play button below to find out what makes Sport at Wells so special.

To find out more about becoming a Sport Scholar at Wells, click here.