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Drama trip to Plymouth WCS Wells Cathedral School Independent Prep Somerset England

Drama trip to Plymouth

On Wednesday 13th September, A level and GCSE Drama pupils travelled to Plymouth’s Theatre Royal to see Frantic Assembly’s stage adaptation of Franz Kafka’s Metamorphosis.

The novella, written in 1915, has been adapted for stage several times, most famously by Stephen Berkoff; this time it was with the aid of BAFTA nominated and international prize-winning writer, Lemn Sissay OBE.

From the opening bars of distorted music pupils were mesmerised as Gregor Sampsa transforms from a young successful salesman into an unemployed adult experiencing debilitating mental health issues and finally “untouchable vermin”.

All the hallmarks of a Frantic Assembly production were utilised and effortlessly woven to depict Gregor’s transformation; impressive set and lightning design, unsettling imagery and projections of postwar propaganda, and the skilful use of music and movement connecting the audience both viscerally and emotionally.

It was a show that packed a punch and Felipe Pacheco’s haunting, physical, portrayal of Gregor left us considering how young men present themselves publicly versus how they actually feel inside, as he is literally and figuratively crushed by the weight of his family’s and society’s expectations.

We were also in awe of Pacheco’s physical skills as he swung like an irritated insect from a low-hanging lightbulb in his bedroom and scuttled across the set effortlessly with bug-like precision.

All and all it gave our aspiring thespians plenty to write about in their Live Theatre Evaluations and plenty of inspiration for their Devising Component, not to mention reinforcing the importance of core strength for the performer!

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