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Girls’ Netball season commences WCS Wells Cathedral School Independent Prep Somerset England

Girls’ Netball season commences

Wells was well represented in a series of Netball games against Royal High School Bath and Clayesmore School on Saturday 13th January.

The U12 and U13 A and B teams kickstarted their season with some fantastic matches, and the A team matches in particular were nail-biting, coming down to close finishes of a 15-14 win and a 16-16 draw.

The B teams battled hard in their matches and both teams uncovered some key work-ons in their skills as they move forward in the Term. The U12B team showed resilience throughout their match; having learned a lot in the first three quarters, the girls came away with a final quarter win, showing how valuable competition is to learning how to play well as a team and learn by making mistakes. With progress already evident for all teams, it was a brilliant start for our junior sides.

The senior teams, meanwhile, celebrated some impressive results for their first games of the season, showing great depth from the 1st VII winning 29-23 to the U14C winning 22-8.

Mrs Williams, Head of Netball, expressed her excitement at seeing what all of our teams can do over the course of the Term.