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Year 6 career advice on Civil Engineering WCS Wells Cathedral School Independent Prep Somerset England

Year 6 career advice on Civil Engineering

Year 6 pupils sat in Ritchie Hall for a talk about Civil Engineering.

OW Emily Johnstone (2004) spoke to the children about her time at Wells as a Specialist Provision percussionist and hockey player before going to university and undertaking a career in Engineering. She challenged one group of volunteers to build the tallest tower they could and another group acted as the elements, simulating the effects of wind, snow and earthquakes on the tower, before testing the use of a foundation and altering the shape of the building to see how changes to its structure could increase its resilience.

Asked which skill was most useful in the world of work, Mrs Johnstone championed teamwork, encouraging the children to work with people who think differently to themselves in order to develop exciting new ideas together.