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Independent School Eventing Year 9

UK National Arena Eventing Championships Podium Finish

Congratulations to Year 9 pupil Lola Phillips, who achieved a double clear and finished in second place in the individual honours at the British Riding Club’s National Arena Eventing Finals at the end of May on her horse Spike (officially titled ‘Gortmore Giggidee Goo’) at Aston le Wall Equestrian Centre in Northants.

The British Riding Club holds a national championship over the winter months for Arena cross country, which involves riding clubs across the UK. There are 480 Riding Clubs in total, split into 23 Regional areas. Teams must qualify for the regional competition, then each regional winning team is invited to the national championship finals.

Lola rides with Equestrian Training South West (ETSW) Riding Club and in September 2020 the team of three qualified at the South West Area Final for the UK National Championship in Arena Eventing at 80cm.

Arena Eventing consists of a course of nine show jumps immediately followed by 14 cross-country fences, with each section timed and penalty points for fences knocked down or refused and for being over or under the optimum time.

Lola was one of only two riders out of the 73 competitors to incur no penalties, finishing just 1.1 seconds behind the overall winner and only two seconds off the perfect “optimum time”. Well done Lola!