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Head Of Grounds & Gardens Joins Turfcare Education Group

The School’s Head Of Grounds & Gardens, Wayne Bradshaw, visited the Leicester City FC Sports Turf Academy and Training Ground this week for an Education Group meeting of influential turfcare professionals from schools, colleges and universities hosted by Turf Business.

Mr Bradshaw was given a tour of the academy and the world-class football training facilities by Leicester City FC’s Head of Sports Turf & Grounds John Ledwidge, Senior Sports Turf & Grounds Manager Callum Allsop and Pitch Manager Graeme Farmer whilst the group discussed ways for the sector to work together and share knowledge, uniting educational establishments within turfcare.

It was the new initiative’s first meeting, giving the group an opportunity to work together to define its role and decide what could be encompassed. Potential aims include helping state schools and grass root clubs with their turfcare, training staff members through bespoke courses and seminars and helping to attract and develop staff and volunteers. There are also goals to raise the profile of educational establishments as many are used to host professional clubs’ training and matches, to create a network for turfcare staff within educational establishments and to future-proof the industry.

We are very lucky to have such beautiful grounds at Wells and this is a really exciting initiative to highlight the importance of turfcare. Thank you to Mr Bradshaw for his efforts in trailblazing turfcare within the education sector.

Leicester City FC Turf Wells Cathedral Independent School Somerset WCS Leicester City FC Wells Cathedral Independent School Somerset WCS  Leicester City FC Wells Cathedral Independent School Somerset WCS Leicester City FC Wells Cathedral Independent School Somerset WCS